Ken Osborne Companionship Initiative Testimonial

It is incredible how much love, support and companionship my dogs - Maebh (Mave) and Brina - have brought to my life. I never had dogs while I was serving in the military. Our family moved too much. We were always on the go in those days, and I was frequently deployed overseas. Though we wanted the companionship of dogs in our life, the time just didn’t seem right.

Our first rescue was Maebh. Maebh is a Patterdale Terrier born in Kentucky. She was found as a puppy living on the street in 2018 and placed in a shelter. Maebh is our sweet, gentle, southern charmer.

We adopted Brina, our second rescue, in 2023. Brina is a Saluki mix. She was bred to race dog sleds, but was surrendered as a new pup before the harsh Mantioba winter could claim her. Brina is all energy. She is fast, swift, and very agile.

Both are rescues from Niagara Dog Rescue.

Maebh and Brina are many things to our family. They are our walking pals, our adventure buddies, our chill partners, and they are our trusty friends. Most of all, they are our lifelong companions. They have made our house a home.

Ken Osborne